Features of the Petit Train

Our Petit Train is Category III approved, wich means it is authorized to safely climb slopes up to 15% in grade while fully loaded! The train is made up of a towing vehicle (locomotive) and three passenger cars, for a total capacity of 57 passengers.

  • Four wheel drive locomotive
    Built upon a Land Rover frame, it is powered by a remarkably quiet and efficient Land Rover. It complies with all the latest emitions laws for such vehicles.
  • Passenger cars
    There are three of them, with a capacity of 19 seated passengers each.
    Each seat has an individual audio system, with recorded commentary provided by hygienic headphones. Each passenger can choose any of the thirteen following commentary tracks:
    French – English – Spanish – Italian – German – Dutch – Japanese – Catalan – French commentary for children – Occitan – Russian – Chinese – Brazilian Portuguese.

Passenger Comfort

  • The suspension of the cars offers the best comfort in its class. The chassis rests on air cushions that absorb the shocks that would be felt from the roadway.
  • The seats are filled with fire retardant polyurethane foam, and covered with faux leather. Each row is approved for 4 seating adults, except the last row of each car with are approved for 3 passengers.
  • The roof is made of tinted, translucent safety glass, wich allow an unhindered view of the monument.
  • In bad weather, such as rain and cold wind, passengers are protected by safety glass windows. They are removed on sunny days.

Audio Commentary

  • The digital quality commentary is broadcast by a state of the art “Datavox” system.
  • Our new generation headphones are guaranteed hygienic, because they are without foam and do not touch your ears.
  • Commentary lines are automatically triggered as the train moves, thanks to GPS satellite navigation.


  • The Petit Train is equipped with all the safety standards required by law, and more: for instance, we chose to use self-locking full pane doors, instead of simple chains.
  • Each car has two STOP emergency call buttons that sound an alarm in the driver cabin when pressed. As required by law, there is also a emergency stop push-button in each car.